Defeating Artillery Fungus: Effective Cleaning and Prevention Strategies

What is Artillery Fungus?

Artillery fungus spores possess a unique adhesive property that makes them remarkably stuck on car surfaces. A standard car wash may not effectively dislodge these stubborn spores due to their microscopic size and resilient attachment. The water and detergent used in regular washing lack the necessary chemical composition to break down the spores’ adhesive bonds, rendering them impervious to conventional cleaning methods.

Artillery fungus is bound to happen and to tackle the persistent presence of artillery fungus on car paint, utilizing a clay bar is indispensable. The clay bar’s soft and malleable texture enables it to reach and encapsulate the tiny spores, gently lifting them from the paint surface. It effectively pulls out the embedded spores without causing any harm to the vehicle’s finish. This process ensures a thorough and efficient removal, leaving the car’s paint smooth and spotless. Regular clay barring every six months is recommended to prevent artillery fungus accumulation.

How to Detect Artillery Fungus

  1. Observe Dark Spots or Dots
  2. Check Areas with Vegetation
  3. Inspect After Rain or Humid Weather
  4. Look for Spots That Resist Regular Cleaning 
  5. Pay Attention to Light-Colored Cars 
  6. Inspect Underneath Side Mirrors and Bumpers

Prevention Strategies for Artillery Fungus

Clay Barring: An Essential Solution for Effective Removal:

  • Thoroughly Cleanses the Surface
  • Enhanced Cleaning Power
  • Minimizes Risks of Paint Damage

Waxing: An Imperative Protective Measure:

  • Sealing the Paint Surface: After clay barring, applying a high-quality wax adds an extra protective layer to the car’s paint. Wax creates a barrier that shields the surface from potential artillery fungus spore attacks.
  • Long-lasting Protection: Regular waxing ensures a lasting shield against environmental contaminants, including artillery fungus spores, helping to maintain the car’s appearance and preserving its resale value.
  • Enhancing Shine and Gloss: In addition to protection, waxing enhances the car’s shine and gloss, leaving a stunning finish that catches the eye.

By incorporating clay barring and waxing into a regular car maintenance routine, car owners can effectively remove artillery fungus spores, minimize the risk of paint damage, and safeguard their vehicle’s appearance. These essential steps ensure a well-protected and visually appealing car that stands the test of time and environmental challenges.


Conclusion: Artillery fungus may be a common challenge, but with the right knowledge and maintenance practices, you can protect your car’s appearance and keep it looking pristine. By being proactive, you can ensure your vehicles remain free from the unwanted impact of artillery fungus. Remember, regular clay barring and waxing are your allies in maintaining a beautiful and well-protected car.

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