What we offer

Interior and Exterior Services

Check out our variety of available services for all of your detailing needs.

Undrdog 5 Year Coating Package: $800 - $1200

Includes: Standard exterior and interior detail, Iron decontamination, Claybar, Deep wheel cleaning, Chrome polish, 2 step paint correction for ultimate paint restoration, 5 year coating on all exterior paint, glass, plastics, chrome, and wheels. Option to touch up paint upon request.

Standard Interior and Exterior Detail- $75 - $125

Interior- pre rinse, Wash, Soft touch hand wash using Microfiber mitt, Wheels cleaned, Exterior plastics cleaned, Bugs removal, Tires shined, and Door jambs cleaned. Exterior- Plastics cleaned, Carpets vacuumed, Rubber mats cleaned and dressed, Glass cleaned, Leather seats cleaned, and Cloth seats vacuumed.

Wax: $175- $400

Last 3-6 months, helps water bead off windows and paint, while also adding an extra shine. A claybar treatment is added to help the wax bond, and to give the paint a deeper clean for the brighter shine to your paint. INCLUDES: Standard interior and exterior detail Iron decontamination Claybar Wax sealant.

Shampoo: Variable $150 - $300‚Äč

Basic interior detail, Shampoo cloth seats, Shampoo carpets, Steam cleaning, and Hot water extraction.

Paint Enhancement Package: $400-$500

INCLUDES: Wax package + interior detail Leather conditioning on interior One step paint correction for water spot removal and light paint swirl removal Wax sealant

Smoker's Car Cleaning Package $250+

INCLUDES: carpet shampooing, cabin air filter replacement, and ozone treatment service. This tailored service is specifically crafted to eliminate stubborn odors, stains, and residue caused by smoking inside your car.

Additional Services

Leather conditioning, Engine bay cleaning, Glass 5 year coating using Undrdog, Exterior plastic restoration, Paint correction, Headlight restoration.